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The founders of Brain & Behavioral Institute of South Florida (BBI), Williams Lucena, FMD, LMHC and Carlos Alayon, LMHC have extensive experience in the mental health field.

Williams Lucena is physician and psychiatrist in Venezuela and a Florida Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC).  He has worked in the mental health field for 22-years.  He has experience in Transactional Analysis, Psycho-Corporal Techniques and other Psycho-Dynamic approaches. He has extensive experience in individual, couples and group and family therapies. He headed the Prior Authorization Adult Department at Miami Behavioral Health Center.  At Royal Coast Mental Health Center he was the Clinical Administrator for 4-years. During that time he also administered St. Jude Mental CMHC for 2 years.  Williams has been providing consulting services for various mental health facilities for the past 6-years. Currently he is the President of Brain & Behavioral Institute of South Florida.

Carlos Alayón has a Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling from Nova Southeastern University and is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC). His expertise includes children, teens and adults in a professional office setting and/or in-home based counseling. He has experience with individual, couples and family counseling. In the Community Mental Health Clinic setting, he worked as a group therapist and in individual therapy. Mr. Alayón has extensive experience in Quality Assurance and was Clinical Director supervising the clinical staff. While he was Clinical Director, he was responsible for pre-authorization of patients, weekly treatment team meetings, submission of files chosen for Medicare review and coordinated the accreditation process with Joint Commission. Mr. Alayón also has administrative experience in the higher educational setting which included management of a multi-million dollar budget, with private, federal and state funds. Currently he is the vice-president and treasurer of Brain & Behavioral Institute of South Florida.

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“My motivation to do brain training was to get rid of my nicotine addiction, and that is no longer an issue. Using this technology I discovered how to switch off my thoughts and experience bliss. That allowed me to tap into my creativity at a whole new level. Its been an extraordinary journey.”


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